A symphony called “The Hero’s Journey” by Silas Toball

It is a work in progress, scored for large orchestra in a early 20th century style somewhere between the end of romanticism and impressionism. On this web site and its corresponding Facebook page you can follow its creation.

These current sound snippet are always subject to change as I keep working on the composition. They are mockups designed to give a listenable impression of the score. The recordings are in no way perfect. They are not professionally mixed and mastered either, though this is planned for a “master-demo” release when all four movements are finished. Please note that I may change, delete or add sound samples at any time. New versions or new material will be always announced on the Facebook page.

Why this Symphony?

Every life is a story and the biggest story ever is always the one we are personally involved in, the story of our lives in which we play the lead role. And in each and every story we are seeking for light, understanding, wisdom, and always the next step in our evolution. Music is the language of the invisible. At the heart of “The Hero’s Journey” symphony is an offering from the invisible into the realm of the visible. It’s an offering of our greater connectedness. By embracing the duality of things, by accepting light and dark, good and bad as part of our experience, when our idea of happiness is no longer dependent on the elimination of the things we do not like but rather by the acknowledgement of their place in the world, a whole new field is opening up – a field of possibilities. Once we enter this field and start to play, creativity can blossom unhindered and the cosmic creation in all its forms can be experienced in the ecstatic ways.

About the style

This symphony is created in a style reminiscent of those written around the turn of the 20th century. Unlike many other contemporary creations, it is tonal-based, and won’t be shy of lush orchestration and the decadence of the fin de siècle. It is this style that I personally find most exciting, stimulating the senses on many levels simultaneously through multi-layered arrangements, strong contrasts, invigorating extended harmonies and melodic narrative.

How can you participate?

Join me in the conversation about music and philosophy on Facebook (I will post also other great and sometimes rare music findings for inspiration), add a comment or two, share and click “like”! Spread the word, visit my page on Reverbnation and leave a comment there as well. Sign up for my newsletter (no spamming or incessant mailings, I promise). This way you will be among the first to know about upcoming milestones and final releases.

Stay informed

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A short overview of where the project stands and what is ahead:

2005: Inspiration to write a symphony. This was followed by intense studies and avid collecting and listening to countless recordings.

2013: Start of writing the first movement.

June 2014: Finished a first draft of the first movement.

July 2014: Halfway into the 3rd movement.

June 2015: Halfway into the 2nd movement

April 2016: Second movement is finished


Finishing the 3rd movement, revising the first, and creating the 4th (Finale). Mixing and mastering of a “Master Demo” release. Preparation of the written score for printing, Looking for performing venues and recording with an orchestra.

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